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Discover the Secrets to Becoming a Powerful, Prolific, Paid Speaker...  Speaker's LYFE Bootcamp

Why Attend Bootcamp?


At the Speaker's LYFE (Live Your Focus Every-day) Bootcamp, you will discover how to move audiences to rush to the back of the room to purchase your offers using our proven closing system from the stage.  


If you are a speaker, author, trainer, facilitator, or looking to enter the international speaking industry, this event is for you!  Learn to:

  • Inspire and motivate audiences to take action

  • How to sell using social media platforms.

  • Use your expert knowledge and skills to empower audiences to grow and improve their lives, businesses, and relationships.

Why Attend

What You'll Learn...


Dale Carnegie said, "Speakers who talk about what life has taught them never fail to keep the attention of their listeners."


The Speaker's LYFE Bootcamp teaches to close the audience, and we guarantee you an opportunity to speak on our stages!

What Attendees Said...

Speaker's LYFE Boot Camp Testimonials

Speaker's LYFE Boot Camp Testimonials

Speaker's LYFE  Boot Camp Testimonials
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Terha watterson Testimonial

Terha watterson Testimonial

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Jen Loving Coffel Testimonial

Jen Loving Coffel Testimonial

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Dr. Marlena Linton

Dr. Marlena Linton

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Professor Jackson Testimonial

Professor Jackson Testimonial

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What to Expect

What to Expect...

  • You can expect to learn proven strategies to craft compelling stories that connect with audiences.

  • You can expect that we will coach you to convert audiences into loyal clients eager to work with you.

  • ​You can expect to be challenged and pushed beyond your limits to get the best out of you.

  • You can expect our commitment to excellence to help you become a powerful, prolific presenter.

Get audiences to Raise their Hands and Say, "Yes" to Your Offers...


  We believe you have a message, and the world is waiting to hear it, feel it, and apply it to their lives, businesses, and relationships. You know you are destined to share your story, knowledge, and expertise with the world. If you are tired of losing sales, then this Bootcamp is for you

Benefits of Attending


Some of the benefits of attending are listed below:


  • Benefit #1: You will be coached by some of the best international trainers.

  • Benefit #2:  VIP attendees will receive a Speaker's LYFE playbook and Toolbox. Click here for details.

  • Benefit # 3: Opportunity to Speak at the 2023 LYFE Conference.

  • Benefit #4​Professional photoshoot (5 photos),  studio-quality recording of your presentation, and much, much more.

Learn from Master Platform Sales Trainer
Dr. Lyman Montgomery


Learn to Build Connections and Leads with
Master Speaker Coach Jen "Loving" Coffel

Craft Your Powerful Presentation Offer with Master Business Coach, Jay Johnson

Give Compelling Media Interviews with
Chief Story Teller, Daphne Street Taylor 


Bootcamp Platform

Learn to Connect | Tell Compelling Stories |    Convert Audience to Clients

Three Questions

The Speakers LYFE Bootcamp is based on three guiding questions:

  • Connect.  Did you demonstrate a connection and build rapport with the audience?

  • Compel. Did you deliver a compelling message that was authentic, believable, and powerfully delivered?

  • Convert.  At the end of your message, what percent of the audience indicated that they would purchase your offer using our polling application. 

Speaker's LYFE
Virtual Event 


Our next Event will be Virtual...Check back for the Date and Time


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